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The Verband der Berliner Stadtführer Berlin Guide e.V. (Association of the Berlin Tourist Guides) founded in 1989, is the official association of professional Tourist Guides in Berlin and the largest Tourist Guide association in Germany. We are members of the Federation of Tourist Guides Association in Germany (BVGD) and partner of Berlin Highlights.

There are more than 300 professional Tourist Guides in Berlin within our Association, speaking many languages, looking after more than a million visitors a year from all over the world.

Our members conduct in depth tours concerning the past and present, culture, architecture and local customs. They see themselves as ambassadors for Berlin. Not only sights of interest, but also specific issues and hidden traces of the past can be discovered easily with Berlin tourist guides. There is wide variety of tours on offer covering museums, churches, monuments, palaces, gardens, outskirts of Berlin and tours through the night.

Regular newsletters and e-mails provide essential information to the members. A quality management program with internal training and further education keeps us up-to-date. By 2008 more than 150 Tourist Guides passed the BVGD-Training Certificate and about 140 members have passed the new BVGD Certificate DIN EN, which guarantees a qualification according to European standards.

Are you interested in a walking tour, a greater tour of the city, a day trip out of the city or are you searching for a museum guide just for you? Are you planning a trip to Berlin and need an experienced consultant for ideas, assistance in planning and organizing? Here is where you find your experts. Get help from our Berlin Guides!

Welcome to Berlin!

Berlin is known for change and dynamism. The times of division and stagnation are long gone. Over 20 years have passed since the falling of the Berlin Wall. Entirely new urban spaces have been created. The proverbial "scene" is constantly restless looking for new development opportunities and has become attractive and trendy. This openness attracts people who want promising opportunities and a prospect for the future.

The diverse culture, with its protagonists of art and music, film and media, fashion and design, as well as their colorful club and music scene provides a basis for the unstoppable force of attraction of the metropolis. The change of the former Berlin "extended workbench" to a contemporary city of culture and service industries is highly visible and quite an experience - as well as the rich history of the city. Over 500 years ago Berlin was the capital of Brandenburg. Berlin was the capital of Prussia and is Germany's capital again today with the seat of government and parliament. Regional, national and global links make a walking tour to an evocative experience. 300 years ago, the Elector Frederick III appointed himself to the King in Prussia and he founded for his wife, Queen Sophie Charlotte, the "Academy of Sciences". Research and teaching is now one of the most important pillars of the Berlin society. The "Father of gymnastics" Friedrich Ludwig Jahn founded Berlin's reputation as sport- metropolis: Take a look at the Olympic stadium, "home of" Hertha and the venue of the 2006 World Cup!

As a visitor to Berlin you will have an adventure with a mix of experiences: past and future, known and unknown.


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Guided tours are available for all tastes and requirements: The "Historic Berlin", "the Capital City", the "Scene-Berlin" or "The Berlin Wall" are just four examples from an extensive variety of topics from the Berlin Tourist Guides. We believe you will be convinced by our professionalism. We like to help make unforgettable and exciting experiences.

Languages, knowledge and skills of the people working in Berlin as tourist guides, please see also the Guide list of our association.

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