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Training Classes "Tourist Guide in Berlin" (EN 15565)

Start: 9.January 2018

The training courses usually take place in the evening and / or on the weekend.

The course includes:

  • Practical training

  • Training of leadership skills

  • Speech training and communication

  • Knowledge and expertise

  • Law and taxation

  • Sustainable tourism

  • Quality check

  • Degree with examination: BVGD Certificate DIN EN (Berlin)


Entry requirements:

  • Good general education

  • Languages

  • Participation in the consultation and selection discussion if necessary

Training objective: To guide groups and individual visitors, including those with special needs, while presenting the natural and man-made sights of the Berlin region. Knowledge in order to provide appropriate and appropriate explanations. To bring the cultural and natural heritage and the environment close together, while at the same time experiencing and understanding what is seen and visited. To inform the guests about all aspects of life relevant to Berlin, to use the appropriate language, to assess the interests and requirements of the audience, to select the appropriate information and present it in a comprehensive and communicative manner

Distribution of educational content: 252 hours of general and area-specific knowledge as well as working conditions, 108 hours of leadership skills as well as methodology / didactics and communication, 240 hours of practical training.

General and regional issues: Deepened historical, architectural and cultural knowledge of the region. Overview of geographical, ecological and economic contexts as well as current living conditions in Berlin. Insight into the development of the Federal Republic and its federalism, the legal and political system of the European Union. Knowledge of world history and geographic links.

Other skills: The profession of the guest guide and his position in the tourism industry, general working conditions, legal framework, legal relations between the tour guide, the guest and the tourism center, entrepreneurial knowledge and skills as well as first aid in emergencies.

Please send your application directly to:

Berlin Guide Institute
Mrs. Jennifer Schill
Bethaniendamm 23
10997 Berlin, Germany
Tel: 030 - 61 28 05 39

Office hours:
Tues. from 10 am to 12 pm
Thurs. from 14 pm to 16 pm

The terms and conditions of participation of the Berlin Guide Institute apply.