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Tour Guides:

The Verband der Berliner Stadtführer Berlin Guide e.V. (Association of the Berlin Tourist Guides) is a professional association whose members practice the profession of tourist guiding. The members are committed to their carrying out their work responsibly and to high standards.

For membership the following requirements must be met: :

•Trained as a Tourist Guide (Berlin) with DIN EN 15565 qualification


• Trained as a Tourist Guide in Berlin (without DIN EN 15565 qualification after BVGD) and able to prove a measurable training plan and active professional experience of at least five years as a Tourist Guide in many areas. This must be backed up by contracts and letters of recommendation, arising from the quality and the range of topics of the guides. The new member then agrees to complete the training according to European Standards DIN EN 15565 and for the practical test after BVGD directive.

When these conditions are met, the applicant has the status of "member on probation" for five years. At the end of this period the Board will decide if the status is changed to “regular membership”. "Membership on probation" shall be automatically terminated if the training is according to DIN EN 15565 (after BVGD guidelines) within the probationary period is not completed by the member.

Regardless of the status each sample member receives from the beginning the full rights and benefits of the association. In particular these include (=> Services.)

  • Automatic professional liability insurance through the BVGD e.V.
  • A regular newsletter with information, referrals and training dates
  • Permission for entry in the "Guide List" of the association, which is sent to tourism facilities at home and abroad (at a cost)
  • Permission for Internet access on the association's website (at a cost)
  • EV permission for the "culture card" of BVGD, is granted to the members free admission to many museums at home and abroad
  • Authorization for discounted subscription to the "Berlin Programme" - Reduced fees to acquire the BVGD qualification DIN EN (with costs)

If you work as a tourist guide in Berlin and you would like to join, please send the registration form along with your references to our office. They can give you more information and current levels of annual membership fees.

Each member is welcome to participate actively in the conception and design of the association's work, participate in committees and which make joint decisions.

Sustaining Members:

Gladly, the association also welcomes individuals or institutions that are not even working in the field of the tour guiding. They can join as a sustaining member. For further details please contact our office or the Board.


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