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Consulting: right career choice - proper training

The European Commission for Standardization (CEN) in 2002 adopted a definition of the profession of a Tourist Guide, identifying the core elements of the qualifications and defining the activities of the tour guide / tour manager.

The Tourist Guide is:

Person who guides visitors in the language of their choice and interprets the cultural and natural heritage of an area, which person normally possesses an area-specific qualification usually issued and/or recognised by the appropriate authority

Tour Manager

Person who manages and supervises the itinerary on behalf of the tour operator, ensuring the program is carried out as described in the tour operator’s literature and sold to the traveller/consumer and who gives local practical information.

Tour Escort

Representative of a tour operator providing basic assistance to travellers.

However, the Tourist Guide is a "person who acting on behalf of the tour operator guides the itinerary, while ensuring that the program is carried out, giving local practical information.

The key activities and qualifications of the Tourist Guide consist of the transmission of culture and tradition of a region as well as the detection of specific regional education and training.

The representation of the Tourist Guides in Berlin, the Association Verband der Berliner Stadtführer Berlin Guide e.V. sets a special emphasis on the professional qualification of the Tourist Guides working in the region. Visitors to Berlin can be sure to meet professional Tourist Guides, for their leadership when they hire a trained and certified Tourist Guide.

The overall economic situation and the rapid development of tourism in Berlin substantially changed the employment and training situation and the requirements for Tourist Guides. The labor market is partially a significant obstacle to successful economic activity. It is necessary to develop not only the quality requirements for Tourist Guides but also at the same time the quality of education and training of Tourist Guides in Berlin.

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The CEN-Project

BVGD education policy now after European standard certified:

The training system for Tourist Guides of the Federation of Tourist Guides in Germany (BVGD e.V.) was certified as the first in Germany to the European Standard DIN EN 15565 and the Berlin Basic Course was its model.


Chairman Dr. Ute Jäger of the BVGD and the deputy chairman Dr. Wolther von Kieseritzky received on 28th May 2008 in a ceremony the certificate for training systems for Guides in Germany by Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. (FH) Hinrich Lamp, Product Manager DIN CERTCO GmbH

Hinrich Lamp for the occasion: "The large number of Tourist Guides in Germany participating in the training is an important quality. So this is performed to a uniform high standard, we decided to develop the certification. In this way, the customers not only receive the joy in the discovery of but also in the quality of information provided."

To justify the claim to quality and competence, under the umbrella of the European Standardization Organization CEN, the European Standard DIN EN 15565 "Tourism services - Requirements for training services and Tourist Guide qualification programs" was created.

"The European standard DIN EN 15565 provides a single framework for the training of Tourist Guides, so that acquired skills are comparable," said Dr. Holger Mühlbauer, who managed the project on the part of the DIN.

This was the first time a uniform standard for training systems for Tourist Guides was created, covering all aspects of the quality-related training as a Tourist Guide. As a result, the consumer, actually the traveler and the tour operator, have the opportunity to compare offers and to request the indicated services.

(From left to right): Ingrid Schwoon (Press BVGD), Markus Müller-Tenckhoff (for the Education of the BVGD), Dr. Wolther of Kieseritzky (2nd BVGD Chairman), Dr. Ute hunters (1.Chairman of BVGD) , Dipl Ing Hinrich Lamp (DINCERTCO), Dr. Holger Mühlbauer (DIN), Dr. Roland Wirth (Berlin Academy, training support for Berlin Guide eV and Sigrid Pokorny-Peters (1st Chairman Berlin Guide e.V.)

Quality Management (QM)

The association of the Berlin Tourist Guides the Verband der Berliner Stadtführer Berlin Guide e.V. developed a quality management program for its members to meet the new European Standard. The application and evaluation process (QM) has been adopted as a model by BVGD. Members of the Association Verband der Berliner Stadtführer Berlin Guide e.V. thus were the "pioneers" in Europe, which have qualified for the new European Standard. The ceremony and launch of BVGD certificate DIN EN was held on 29th in June 2009 by the Berlin State Secretary Dr. Jens-Peter Heuer, and the chairman of the BVGD Dr. Ute Jäger in the Berlin City Hall.

About 140 Guides in our association have approached the DIN EN qualification with BVGD guidelines. Similarly, nationwide, the number of those tourist guides who now qualify for regional BVGD EN.

The association of the Berlin Tourist Guide (Verband der Berliner Stadtführer Berlin Guide e.V.) organizes for its members regular seminars, advanced courses and training events in communications, first aid and law.

Training according to DIN EN

The association organizes => training for young professionals. These regular courses meet the guidelines of the nationally valid to BVGD DIN EN and impart both knowledge as well as specific methodological and didactic skills according to European standards (DIN EN).

Our training program of the association was evaluated as a first coherent overall training in Germany by DINCERTCO.

It is especially important that we monitor our training by quality management:

  • periodic evaluations,
  • the onset of specialists and Tourist Guides with BVGD Certificate DIN EN as speakers / lecturers,
  • intensive monitoring of the practical demonstration,
  • the ongoing support of students during training by the training organization, the local Tourist Guides Association (Verband der Berliner Stadtführer Berlin Guide eV) and the German Federation (BVGD e.V.)

It is also important to mix with experienced Tourist Guides through joint actions such as the International Tourist Guide Day in Berlin 2011.

Consulting: right career choice - proper training

The number of applicants for the Tourist Guide profession is constantly growing - the number of "training opportunities" has grown, too. Thus, the interested parties and candidates for professional training must be aware of the necessary conditions, be informed about the opportunities and difficulties of the work and training of qualified Tourist Guides according to DIN EN. The Association offers this advice on a regular basis to a
=> advice.


Our next training will start in autumn 2017.

Please send your application with CV to the office